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Heavy Vehicle Towing


Downtime is the biggest expense your fleet can incur.  It is the silent killer of most businesses.  If your truck isn't turning a wheel, its costing you money.  Don't let downtime dip into your hard earned profits.


ABC Towing's Heavy Recovery Division can help you minimize your downtime right from the start.  With our 24-Hour Dispatch Centre, state of the art communication systems and fully trackable GPS, ABC Towing is capable of recovering your disabled rig and at the same time, forwarding your freight to its destination.  This provides you with seamless transactions and a head start on getting those repairs done to get your unit back in service.

Down Time:  The Silent Killer


ABC Towing All Inclusive Choice

From the recovery of your rig, spill cleanup and the provisions of Approved Safety and Compliance Officers, you're costs are kept under control by our all inclusive services.  Money and time is wasted by trying to organize multiple responders to respond to your emergency. 


When a team arrives and assessments are complete, ABC Towing works together with emergency personnel and within Municipal, Provincial and Federal regulations to quickly get your equipment off the road.  Our commitment to safety is your key to minimizing liability after an accident has occurred.

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